TIBOS Modules

TIBOS reservation system modules

Various optional modules are available for TIBOS. Below you will find a concise summary.

Postal code processing: For simple processing and correct spelling of the address data, a Dutch, German and Belgian postal code book can be integrated into TIBOS.

Real-time booking via Internet: There is a very elaborate link available for online booking via Internet (front office) to TIBOS (back-office). Various web designers have made TIBOS accessible through online booking. Additional modules such as online payment transactions (iDEAL, credit card, etc.), my environment guests and my environment homeowners are available.

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Access control: TIBOS can be linked to various access control systems. Whether you use fixed keys, barcode cards, mifare cards or license plate recognition does not matter.

Automatic check-in guest via barrier link: You can send your guest a barcode card in advance if he has paid everything. The guest can then immediately bring his camping equipment through the barrier to his place. The guest is therefore automatically put on ‘present’ through TIBOS. If you use license plate recognition you do not have to send the guest anything.

Banking module, automatic booking receipts: The payments made by guests on a reservation can be automatically processed in TIBOS by reading in the bank's CAMT payment file.

Direct debit: With guests who have signed an authorization with you, you can automatically collect the due date of the reservation. These can be multiple periodic terms. This module creates a file from the amounts to be collected that you can process automatically via your bank.

Repayment module, automatic repayment balance, Deposit: If you would like to refund an outstanding balance to the guest after departure (deposit), this TIBOS module can generate a file that you can automatically process via your bank.

TIBOS link financial administration (Twinfield): This link ensures that the guest data, receipts and sales at general ledger level from TIBOS are automatically processed in the accounts (Twinfield). Other administrations on request.

Tour operator, allotment management: When you are making a booking, you can indicate whether it concerns a booking through a tour operator. You can use a fixed or "floating" allotment. TIBOS also generates the settlement with tour operators.

Free places by map: You can give your guest a map on arrival showing the free places for the chosen period. Easy for selecting a place for passers-by and for viewing days.

Owners settlement (current account): TIBOS supports many methods to settle with owners. Settlements to the owner can take place as a periodic prepayment or partial payment. TIBOS calculates the commission and / or extra costs and shows the amounts to be paid to the owners. 

Extensive management and statistics module: Your statistics can be displayed automatically graphically using the statistics module. This module does not make standard analyzes, but makes all the data and parameters of the system available and lets you select what you are interested in.

Mreport management reporting: With the Management Report module, the board itself has the possibility to compare the figures of the current year with other years in a simple way. The question of whether you are ahead or behind in turnover and occupation is answered quickly.

Cash register module: TIBOS can optionally be provided with a cash register program for the processing of cash sales such as sandwiches, stamps, wax coins or shop items, etc.

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