TIBOS Mreport module


TIBOS already offers many possibilities for obtaining financial or management reports as standard. In addition, all these overviews can still be exported to MS Excel.

These reports can be further edited in MS-Excel. This is sufficient for most companies. Especially for the users who work with TIBOS and TIBOS + the need arose for a more extensive way of management reporting so that in a simple way several years could be compared. All this at day, week, month and year level, with the press of a button. With this module you can easily see whether you are ahead or behind this year in turnover, occupation, numbers etc. compared to the same period in previous years. So, you can really compare whether you do it better or worse than in other years until the chosen date. This allows the management to steer the company even better and to compare the realized turnover, staffing and the like against set budgets. If you would like more information about the TIBOS Mreport, Management reporting module please feel free to contact us. We then install this module on your system, so that we can give a demonstration on your own operational TIBOS database. Then the figures will appeal to you even more.

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