CATbooking reserveringssysteem modules

For CATbooking there are several optional modules available.

Online booking standard: With the standard variant of online booking you have the possibility to choose from several layouts. In addition to choosing a standard layout, you can also define the colors and fonts yourself. You can book on object group, object type and on individual object level. This standard variant online booking uses an iFrame. This iFrame is easy to fit into your website so that the costs can remain low.

Online booking customization: There is also a possibility to integrate the online booking, entirely to your liking, within your website. For this purpose, a CATbooking API interface is available that your website developer can use. Your website developer will then connect to the CATbooking API via a CMS.

Link with tour operators: For the recreation parks that make use of tour operators there are 2 options available. The first option is a direct link with tour operators where both occupation, prices etc. are sent to the tour operator and the reservations are automatically booked in CATbooking. Think of a link with, Belvilla and Eurorelais. The second option is to automatically update the occupancy for the tour operators from CATbooking. This works through the standardized I-Cal function. The final booking will then still be processed in the traditional way. Tour operators using this I-Cal feature include Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, Fewo-direct. This I-Cal function is included in CATbooking as standard.

Access control software barrier and door locks: CATbooking can optionally be expanded with access control software for a link with various access control systems. Think of a link with a license plate recognition system, barcode cards, fixed keys or magnetic cards (RFID) for access to the barrier at the park or parking garage.

In addition, CATbooking optionally offers an option for issuing a magnetic card (RFID) for electronic door locks that give access to bungalows or apartments. Instead of a key, the guest receives a card. The cards have a credit card format and can be used for several years.

My surroundings guests: After the guest has made a reservation with you, the guest can login to his / her environment via his PC, tablet or smartphone. The guest can then view the reservation details, information of his booked object, reservation details, additional extras and payment status. Regarding the payment of the reservation, it can be established whether a guest must pay immediately after the booking or whether he can pay via a payment link on the e-mail confirmation. The guest may also meet his term via my surroundings. With online payment almost all payment methods are supported, such as iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, Mister Cash, Giropay.

Owners module including my environment: In the owners module you can record the provisional appointments and book extra costs that serve as the basis for making the settlement owners. There is also a mine available for the homeowner. In the mine environment, the homeowner can view the occupation of his object and block periods for his own maintenance.

Survey software: If your guest comes back from vacation, it is of course very interesting to learn firsthand how the holiday has been. The CATbooking survey software ensures that the guest receives a welcome home mail with a survey. You can compose your own questions for this survey in the correct language. The results of the completed surveys can then be consulted again in the CATbooking survey software.


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