CATbooking modules

For CATbooking there are several optional modules available.

Online booking standard: With the standard variant of online booking you have the possibility to choose from several layouts. In addition to choosing a standard layout, you can also define the colors and fonts yourself. You can book on object group, object type and on individual object level. This standard variant online booking uses an iFrame.

                                   online boeken

This iFrame is easy to fit into your website so that the costs can remain low.

Book CATbooking on a map: Online booking via your website can be extended with preferential booking via a map. The guest can select his preferred object on an interactive map. Preference costs may be linked totsuch a "preferred booking".

Link with tour operators: There are a several options. The first option is to automatically update the occupancy (calendar) at tour operators from CATbooking using the so-called i-Cal funtion. Then you no longer have to do that manually. The final booking will still be processed in the traditional way. Tour operators using this i-Cal feature include Airbnb, Tripadvisor, HomeAway, Fewo-direct. There are 2 additional options available for recreation parks that want to use a fully automatic link with tour operators. A completely self-developed link between CATbooking and tour operators such as an @Leisure. Or a link between CATbooking and a Channel manager Nextpax and the tour operators. With a link via Nextpax, many different tour operators can be automatically linked to CATbooking.

CATbooking Postcode Processing: For simple processing and correct spelling of the address data, the Dutch postcode book can be integrated into both the CATbooking back office and front office online booking. We ensure that the Dutch postcode book is always up to date.

Gatekeeper access control and door locks: CATbooking can be expanded with Gatekeeper access control software for a link with various access control systems such as a barrier or turnstile. Think of a link with a license plate recognition system, barcode cards, fixed keys or magnetic cards (RFID) for access to the barrier at the park or parking garage. A turnstile at the pool can also be connected.

In addition, CATbooking offers an optional option for issuing a code or magnetic card (RFID) for electronic door locks that give access to bungalows or apartments. Instead of a key, the guest receives a code or magnetic card that provides access to the accommodation.

CATbooking ICY warm welcome: CATbooking can be linked to ICY's “warm welcome” system. The thermostats in the accommodations can then be linked to CATbooking. On the day of the guest's arrival, the thermostat in the relevant accommodations is set to preheating. This for a warm welcome for the guest. On the day of departure, the thermostat is set back to the low position.

My surroundings guests: After the guest has made a reservation with you, the guest can login to his / her environment via his PC, tablet or smartphone. The guest can then view the reservation details, information of his booked object, reservation details, additional extras and payment status. Regarding the payment of the reservation, it can be established whether a guest must pay immediately after the booking or whether he can pay via a payment link on the e-mail confirmation. The guest may also meet his term via my surroundings. With online payment almost all payment methods are supported, such as iDEAL, credit card, PayPal, Mister Cash, Giropay.

                           Mijn omgeving gasten

Owners module including my environment: In the owners module you can record the provisional appointments and book extra costs that serve as the basis for making the settlement owners. There is also a mine available for the homeowner. In the mine environment, the homeowner can view the occupation of his object and block periods for his own maintenance.

There is also a “my environment” available for the homeowner. 3 rights levels can be linked to the login for a homeowner. These login levels vary from a "viewing function" including blocking for own maintenance to a function that allows you to make reservations yourself.

CATbooking automatic arrival and departure email: This extension ensures that a guest automatically receives an email a few days before his arrival and after his departure. The text in the email may differ per type of accommodation, is personalized and possibly in several languages. The email can also be provided with multiple PDF attachments.

Customized online booking: There is also the option to integrate online booking into your website, completely according to your wishes. A CATbooking API interface is available for this, which your website developer can use. Your website developer will then connect to the CATbooking API through a CMS.

CATbooking payment invitation email: This extension ensures that a guest automatically receives a payment reminder email a number of days on or after the due date of his payment term. The text in the email may differ per type of accommodation, is personalized and possibly in several languages. A link can be included in the email to the "My environment guests" so that the guest can pay directly online.

CATbooking link door locks: Let your guest give himself 24/7 access to his rented accommodation by means of the electronic door locks from Hcontrol. Never wait for your guests again and let them check in easily and without contact! No more keys under the doormat or waiting for a late check-in. With the CATbooking Hcontrol lock, your guests can easily check in and out when it suits them. The access system works with numeric codes (pin) that can be set remotely (via internet or email) or an app (Android or Apple) on your phone. The maximum number of codes that can be assigned per user is unlimited. You can easily send the key code, this can be after full payment or a few days before arrival. In addition, you can create a unique code for each type of visitor with its own time slot. For example, for the cleaning service, facility service, gas guard and/or other suppliers.

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