TickSys is a complete Service Planner in the Cloud, so available online anytime, anywhere.
TickSys ensures a clear structure for registering, processing and handling reports or malfunctions. The issues
entered at reception are automatically sent to the smartphone of the employee who will resolve the issue.
TickSys also has the cleaning schedule. You can create a cleaning schedule based on the departing guests. Standard times for cleaning an apartment can be recorded in TickSys. The cleaning schedule is made in no time. The cleaning lady can see on her smartphone which apartments need to be cleaned and report them clean. There is also an option to check the cleaning. For example, new cleaners can be checked more often afterwards than experienced cleaners. If, after inspection, it turns out that an apartment is not clean enough, the cleaning lady will be immediately notified via the app so that she can take action.

TickSys is frequently used within the residential recreation sector. Due to user feedback, the TickSys program has now been developed into an indispensable application. The technical employee who resolves the issue on location can, if desired, register the hours and materials spent with the issues. Materials used, the number of hours worked and possible comments and details can be added to a report. You can also indicate in the notification whether this will be charged to the park or the homeowner. This means that no additional hours and/or materials will be lost.

Important TickSys features:

  • Insight into the number of open, pending and resolved issues.
  • Notifications can be created on location and provided with a photo.
  • You can create activities that need to be carried out at a later time, in the autumn, at any time.
  • Insight into time effectively spent per technical employee or per notification.
  • If desired, you can charge costs associated with the Issues, such as hours and materials, to the homeowner or the park.
  • Insight into entered locations, items and regular suppliers.

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