TickSys provides a clear structure when registering, processing and dealing with reports or malfunctions. The notifications that are entered at the reception are automatically placed on the employee's Smartphone, which will resolve the fault. If the fault is reported by a guest you can automatically inform him by SMS. Reports are frequently used within the accommodation recreation sector. Thanks to feedback from the users, the TickSys program has now been developed into an indispensable application. The technical employee who solves the report on location can, if desired, record the hours and materials spent on the reports. The materials used, the number of hours worked and possible remarks and details can be added to a report. You can also indicate when the report is charged to the guest, the park or the homeowner. So, no more hours and / or materials will be lost.

Important TickSys features:

  • Insight into the number of outstanding, pending and solved reports.
  • Automatically inform your guest via SMS that the problem has been resolved.
  • Notifications can be created on location and be provided with a photo.
  • Work that has to be carried out at a later time, in the autumn, can be created at any time.
  • Key management, so that you have insight into the keys that are issued / in circulation.
  • Insight into effectively spent time per technical employee or per report.
  • If desired, costs associated with the report, such as hours and materials, can be charged to the guest, homeowner or park.
  • Insight into imported locations, articles and permanent suppliers.

If you have the TIBOS reservation system, the costs that have to be charged to a guest or the homeowners can also be automatically transferred from TickSys to the TIBOS owners module. This saves you an extra action. If you do not have the TIBOS reservation system, you can print an attachment in TickSys with a specification of the costs for the guest or homeowner with the total amount added to the settlement.

With the help of summary's TickSys can provide insight into:

  • The number of open, current and solved cases
  • Frequently occurring situations
  • Effective time spent by technical staff on breakdowns
  • The costs relating to the hours devoted to departments or bungalow owners

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