Rudy Zweers, Founder of and CATbooking user has over 30 years of experience in the recreation industry and is an inspired entrepreneur. In addition, he has a great love for everything that has to do with Formula 1. This combination, and of course the success of Max Verstappen, has ensured that he and his team operate a "popup campsite" directly behind the main stand of the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg in Austria. That the success of is recognized is evident from the fact that GrandPrix.Camp is an official partner of Max Verstappen Travel. The Red Bull Ring is very popular with the Dutch, who travelled en masse to Austria to see Max Verstappen and his fellow Formula 1 drivers in action.

Rudy Zweers: The idea of a 'popup campsite' actually arose in consultation with a number of connections that Rudy has in Austria, in addition, the number of overnight accommodations in the immediate vicinity of the Red Bull Ring were limited. Around the circuit there are enough meadows for a temporary campsite, agreements were made and permits were arranged. What is special about this is that the campsite is a 5-minute walk from the circuit. The furnished tent is ready to be equipped with an air mattress, sleeping bag and pillow. You can hear the sounds of the pit lane from the tent.

CAT Automatisering had already proven to be a well-known partner and the ideal sparring partner to realize our automation project through CATbooking. During the event, CAT Automatisering was also very helpful for fine-tuning a number of processes. Going "full speed" together and thus reaching the finish line is a top result. Catbooking online booking via the internet is integrated into our website In addition, the bookings via also automatically end up in CATbooking. Approximately one week before arrival, the guest will automatically receive an email with arrival information via CATbooking. When the guest arrives, he is checked in via a Smartphone or tablet that the employees have checked in on site. In the "Hütte" the guest can possibly upgrade his accommodation and pay the surcharge via Pin. After departure, the guest will automatically receive a welcome home mail. The automation through CATbooking gives us a professional look and our work is considerably illuminated. We are happy with CATbooking and the way in which we proactively think along. Just a phone call for consultation, no problem, there is an immediate and adequate response.

Through our Front Row Racing Camps we facilitate the ultimate racing experience for Formula 1. We are guests at GrandPrix locations in various countries, just like the Formula 1 fans...... According to Rudy Zweers.