Duinhof Holidays

Duinhof Holidays is an experienced rental agency which only focuses on the rental of Duinhof apartments. Duinhof Holidays rents holiday homes and holiday apartments in Cadzand-Bad, Zeeland. Close to the beach and the sea, at the foot of the dunes, Duinhof forms a luxurious oasis of peace, space and comfort.

They are distinguished by the extensive and excellent hotel service they offer, quality and the personal approach.

Duinhof Holidays rents objects that are owned by homeowners. In addition to the TIBOS basic package, they also have a basic link between TIBOS and the customized website online booking. They use a mine for guests and homeowners. In addition, the guest can "do their shopping" via the website before arrival. The associated costs are automatically transferred to the guest account in TIBOS. The messages are ready in the apartment on arrival. Duinhof Holidays also offers guests a sandwich service. On location, the guest can order his sandwiches daily for the next day via his mobile phone or interactive television. The baker automatically receives an e-mail and ensures that the desired rolls are available for the guest on location the next day.

The access control to the parking garage is also linked to TIBOS. The front door of the apartments are equipped with electronic door locks. Based on the guest data in TIBOS, the passes that give access to the apartment are created before or on arrival. Duinhof Holidays puts the dots on the "I" by also using Report notification scheduler, possible hours and materials that are accompanied by a report can automatically be transferred to a guest, homeowner or rental organization. After departure, the deposit is automatically returned to the guest.


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